Dermatology – A New Business Unit

Dermatology and the associated skin conditions will become more prevalent in the coming years. As a significant portion of our Canadian population shifts into an aged segment, patients and dermatologists will be looking for innovative and non-invasive treatment options.
As such, as of January 1st 2014, Sandoz Canada Inc. officially kicked-off its new business unit in dermatology. This marks another area of focus where Sandoz Canada will continue to expand its current portfolio of high quality products offered to Canadians. The recent partnership between Sandoz Canada and KLOX Technologies Inc. will provide the opportunity for Sandoz Canada to offer new product with indications in acne and skin rejuvenation.
LumiCleanseTM is a new first-in-class treatment of acne vulgaris that is composed of two medical devices: a primary device, the multi-LED lamp and a secondary device, the LumiCleanseTM gel.
LumiBelTM is used in conjunction with the multi-LED lamp for the reduction of wrinkles and the embellishment of the skin, resulting in skin rejuvenation. The safety and efficacy of the
LumiBelTM System has been demonstrated in a clinical trial where it was applied once a week, for 4 weeks1.
Sandoz Canada is committed to grow and evolve year-over-year with its dermatology business unit. We will be building strong relationships with dermatologists both nationally and internationally and we will focus on introducing innovative solutions for Canadian patients troubled by skin-related conditions.
For more information please contact us at 1-800-343-8839.
Lumibel Instructions for use
Lumicleanse Instructions for use
1Klox Technologies; LumiBelTM Instructions for Use; p11, 2014.
TM Registered trademark used under license of KLOX Technologies Inc.

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