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Patients are our priority and at the heart of our work here at Sandoz. Each day, we work together to help create a healthier world in which everyone has access to the medicines they need, no matter who or where they are. Our passion inspires us and makes us thrive on the challenge of delivering a better, healthier and more affordable future for people across the world, leading us to live by four key principles that will help make this vision a reality

Helping to Make Quality Healthcare Available to All

Whether the cause be an aging population, changing lifestyle patterns or poor economic outlook, health care systems around the world are struggling to cope with the reality of increasing cost containment pressures. But this challenge is not without a solution – generic pharmaceuticals provide significant savings for both patients and healthcare systems alike. In this way, generics also free up resources for the funding of costlier novel therapies, benefiting patients and incentivizing investment in new, innovative medicines that target unmet medical needs. At Sandoz, we are steadfast in our commitment to continually increase patient access to high-quality, affordable medicines.

Thinking Differently to Deliver Innovative Solutions

At Sandoz, we do not think in terms of producing simple copies of medicines using inexpensive production lines. Rather, we look to develop innovative solutions that truly can make a difference in patients’ lives. In doing so, we have established ourselves as leaders in developing differentiated products, from novel drug delivery systems to highly complex biosimilars. Our ability to think differently furthers our quest to make a world of difference in patient healthcare

Leading by Example in the Delivery of High-Quality Products and Services

We are dedicated to developing and producing the very best medicines, based on decades of experience and expertise. We invest heavily in development, adhere rigorously to international quality standards, and have modern production plants across five continents. In addition, we strive for cost leadership across the board by optimally designing our operations and building on synergies within our global development and production networks. Our associates are empowered to act on their own initiative and actively seek opportunities to capitalize on strengths, while leveraging savings

A Passion that Always Keeps Us One Step Ahead

Our thinking and commitment to delivering the very best works to always keep us one step ahead, as we share in a passion to truly make a difference in people’s lives. But we do not stop there. We believe it is important to act responsibly and that doing the right thing always makes the best business sense. This commitment spans across the company to our employees worldwide, whom we support in a wide variety of local charitable projects.

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