Sandoz Canada and Social Responsibility: A Lasting Commitment


Sandoz Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Novartis, is a responsible corporate citizen. We spare no effort to ensure the economic, social and environmental viability of our business to guarantee its long-term success.

The Sandoz core values are based on the fundamental rights of every individual, such as the protection of privacy, freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of association, non-discrimination, and the right to be heard.

  • We commit to promoting and protecting, within our sphere of influence, the rights proclaimed in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We do not tolerate human rights violations within our company.

Our employees are key to our success. We base our human resources policies and practices on fairness, transparency and mutual respect.

  • We pay competitive wages, and we want our employees to have time for family, social activities and leisure.
  • We strive to provide our employees with a stimulating and challenging work environment, providing opportunities for personal and professional development while expecting a high level of performance and involvement in the success of Sandoz/Novartis.
  • We recognize and respect the cultural differences that are part of the global marketplace.
  • We believe in constructive dialogue between employer and employees and support the principle of freedom of association.

We want to be a leader in health, safety and environmental protection.

  • The health and safety of our employees, neighbours, customers, consumers and all others affected by our business activities are our priorities.
  • We strive to make efficient use of natural resources and minimize the environmental impact of our activities and products.
  • We encourage prudence in the research and development of new products and technologies.

We are committed to the expectations and concerns of our partners.

  • We recognize the interest of our shareholders, employees, customers, neighbours, the authorities and the general public in our company’s social behaviour, and the impact of our activities on health, safety and the environment.
  • Improving the health and standard of living of all people is a responsibility shared by the private sector, the public sector and other stakeholders. Sandoz and Novartis actively support efforts towards improved access to treatment.

We integrate the principles of the corporate citizenship policy into our business strategies.

  • We manage the implementation of this policy actively, consistently and effectively. We establish appropriate structures and allocate sufficient resources to adhere to this policy.
  • We measure progress and ensure compliance with this policy and its related guidelines and regulatory requirements through internal and external audits and management reviews.
  • We give priority to business partners, suppliers and entrepreneurs who share our social and environmental values, and we support their efforts to promote these values through their business activities.
  • All our employees must comply with this policy and its related guidelines, and with the regulatory requirements applicable to their area of operational responsibility.

See the Novartis Corporate Responsibility Performance Report for 2015

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