Terms of Trade

Sales Data Provision

As a condition for the continued receipt by any Canadian wholesaler or distributor of SANDOZ CANADA products, effective immediately, such wholesaler or distributor shall both (i) report all of its sales of SANDOZ CANADA products (including historical sales) to SANDOZ CANADA INC. or to any third party designated by SANDOZ CANADA INC., and (ii) consent to the reporting to SANDOZ CANADA INC. of this sales information by any such third party designee. Such wholesaler or distributor shall provide this sales information to SANDOZ CANADA INC. or to the SANDOZ CANADA designee in a format and at such intervals as specified by SANDOZ CANADA INC. or by SANDOZ CANADA’s designee in writing from time to time. Any such sales information received by SANDOZ CANADA INC. or its designee shall be held in confidence and used solely by SANDOZ CANADA INC. for the management of its trade terms and sales policies in compliance with all applicable laws.

Payment Terms

Net 30 days.

Minimum Order Value Requirement 

Ground transportation charges are paid by SANDOZ CANADA INC. on orders of all products totaling $500 or more per invoice. If an order value of product shipped to a single customer is less than $500.00, a charge of $50.00 will be invoiced to the customer. 

Product Warranty

SANDOZ CANADA INC. is committed to offering high quality products. Our products are manufactured, formulated and packaged according to the highest quality standards in conformity with Health Canada approvals and requirements.  

GST (Goods and Services Tax), QST (Quebec Sales Tax), HST (Harmonized Sales Tax)

The GST/HST registration number is 863293510RT.
The QST registration number is 1200519422.
The GST/HST and QST amounts (when applicable) will be shown separately for each item.

Return Policy 

Order or shipping error

Any customer complaint, resulting from an order or delivery error, must be addressed directly to its distributor.

Expired Products

Returned products are credited under the following conditions :



Any return of expired products made directly to Inmar is refundable by Sandoz Canada Inc. under this policy.



Any return made directly to the accredited distributor is refundable by the distributor according to its own return policy.



Only expired products, within 12 months of their expiry date, can be returned.

A pro rata credit for the remaining product will be granted according to the price list in effect at the time of return.

No product is refunded after 12 months of its expiry date.

Expired products must be returned postage paid by the shipper.



Any return of expired products must include a detailed list of returned products, quantity, lot number and expiry date.



Any claim arising out of loss, damage or error of delivery made in connection with this policy must be addressed by the customer directly to the carrier



No product returns can be made directly to SANDOZ CANADA INC.




PrBretylium Tosylate Injection - product code 1650



Pr PrDroperidol Injection USP - product code 2150



PrIsoproterenol Hydrochloride Injection USP- product code 4600



Products damaged by fire, smoke, heat, or water resulting from a fire or other insurable hazards.



Products purchased from a bankruptcy sale, going-out-of business sale, fire sale, or other merchandise generally considered under the classification "Distress Merchandise".

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