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From achieving significant and steady progress at its Boucherville plant to meet increasingly stringent global standards, and by operating in compliance with the requirements of Canadian and U.S. regulatory authorities, Sandoz Canada has strengthened its position as a national leader in the field of injectable drugs. 

The lessons we have learned and all the improvements that we have made over the past two years have allowed us to restore our production rate back to normal. 

To get there, we prioritized four areas of action that guarantee our commitment to quality and transparency for pharmacists and their patients.

Expertise – Improving quality control and compliance

We chose to conduct a thorough review of our facility, engaging the company at every level, from senior management to our operations teams.

To position our facilities at the forefront of the highest quality standards, we conducted a thorough diagnosis and developed a comprehensive response plan, as opposed to only carrying out a one-time intervention.


Thanks to our comprehensive response plan, we met or surpassed our objectives as they relate to improving quality control, compliance, stability and sterilization. Those accomplishments resulted from either improving or developing new internal processes and programs focused on key areas such as laboratory excellence, investigations, inspections, sterility assurance and supplier quality management.

Experience – Capitalizing on training and know-how

Involved at each stage of the process, our employees have shown great adaptability. They played a pivotal role throughout the improvement process and developed the expertise that helps us stand out today.

To safeguard this experience and further expand our teams’ know-how, we developed a training management system and significantly increased training hours.


On a day-to-day basis, we are able to document and share the experience we gained, deepen our knowledge, and in so doing, improve the overall quality of our production.

Production – Achieving the highest standards

These past two years, we doubled our investment in advanced equipment. Each new component has been successfully integrated into our plants, leading to noteworthy progress at each stage of the quality assurance process.

These continuous improvements have helped consolidate our stock protection and inventory management systems. As a result, we have rebuilt a balanced inventory for most of our products, thus limiting use of the allocation system only for exceptional cases.


Transparency – Facilitate pharmacists’ day-to-day work

During our period of reduced production, we created the National Supply Status Report (NSSR), a weekly report that now serves as an industry model.

Available to all pharmacists, it shows the availability of our stock of products in a fully transparent way (example dated October 21, 2014).


In the event that a product deemed critical has limited availability, our allocation system remains in place.

This ensures an equitable distribution based on each institution’s order history, thus minimizing stock-outs.We also provide weekly online updates relating to Sandoz’s product availability on www.drugshortages.ca, a centralized database for the entire pharmaceutical industry.

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