Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity of thought enriches the products we develop and the overall work experience at Sandoz. Sandoz employees are distinguished by their personal passion to make a difference in the world, by providing high-quality medicines at an affordable price.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is embedded in our values and demonstrated by our inclusive work practices. Sandoz actively seeks employee input to affect change across all aspects of how we do business, including workplace culture, leadership, and career development.

Differences in age, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, and physical ability help us better understand and address the health needs of customers and patients. Success at Sandoz is also achieved by our engagement with vendors, suppliers, and organizations that embody this same commitment to diversity and inclusion.

By attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse pool of talent, we are strengthening our ability to outperform our competitors.

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Sandoz is a dynamic company that offers an opportunity to work with highly skilled, motivated and dedicated people.

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At Sandoz, we believe in employing individuals who bring passion and energy to both their personal and professional lives.